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Yahoo's Ad Profiling Platform

  • YSM Blog, Thursday, July 24, 2008 3:30 PM
The YSM team has rolled out Ad Profiling, or a program designed to help advertisers improve campaign performance. "With Ad Profiling, we analyze high-impression keywords within an account that are performing poorly, relative to the marketplace," the Ad Quality team writes. "We then evaluate whether or not there are steps we can take to help improve their performance and the performance of the ad groups to which they belong."

Some of the steps include tweaking an ad's alt text (replacing a broad term like "burning" with "DVD burning" to improve relevance, for example), revamping an entire ad's copy, and dropping a keyword from an ad group all together. It's important to note that account holders can preview and veto (or allow) these changes before they take place on active campaigns. And Ad Profiling never changes bid prices.



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