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Local, Seasonal PPC Tactics

"Confronted by the high price in gas and air travel, many people are seeking out events, activities and other opportunities for entertainment that are closer to home," says Ryan Bigby. And small business owners can tap into this trend by running geotargeted ads, as well as campaigns that spotlight local events and activities.

First, Bigby suggests tailoring your ads to local searchers. "If, for example, you sell camping equipment out of a store located in Bend, Oregon, you can target your campaigns for searchers located in the central Oregon area that are searching for keywords like 'sleeping bags,', 'tents,' 'camp stoves,' etc."

Meanwhile, adCenter also allows advertisers to make incremental bid changes based on demographic info like age, gender and weekpart or daypart. So a 50-cent bid for keywords like "camp stoves," could automatically be raised to $1 if an advertiser's coveted target searcher happened to run a query. The increased bid could help said ad snag prime placement, though the top spot wouldn't be guaranteed.

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