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Could Cuil Evolve Into An SEO Tool?

Cuil launched yesterday amidst much fanfare (and heavy criticism for highly irrelevant results and server load issues), but Kevin Gibbons ponders whether the engine could eventually grow into an SEO tool. After all, Cuil's results are ranked based on the quality of content--not links--and developing keyword-rich content is at the crux of on-page SEO. A search for "SEO," for example, yields a number of domain-for-sale sites. "Providing domain for sale websites in the SERP's such as doesn't really provide users with the results they are looking for," Gibbons says. "But it does show that using the targeted keywords within title tags, h1 headings and paragraph tags works as an effective method of on-site SEO."

Thus Gibbons says that Cuil could serve as a barometer for knowing whether your on-page SEO efforts are effective, even if the engine didn't quite pan out as a core search tool for everyday users.

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