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Google Gobbles European Search Spend, Too

The latest third-party search spending report stems from Efficient Frontier, and focused on the European market. And Google trounced all of its rivals in the second quarter of 2008 in terms of client spending--snagging more than 85% of advertiser budgets in the U.K., and over 95% in Europe as a whole.

"Also making modest gains in market share, Microsoft now captures 4% of search budgets in the UK," writes the author. "Both Google's and Microsoft Live Search gains come at the expense of Yahoo."

Efficient Frontier also found that average Google CPC rates increased by nearly 16% year-over-year. Live Search CPC rates also rose by about 6% on average, while they fell by 0.5% on Yahoo. Yahoo however, took steps to improve the quality of its search syndication partners that resulted in a nearly 8% increase in advertiser ROI.

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