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Title Tag Optimization: 101

Aaron Goldman uses a recent Search Engine Watch article titled "Avoiding Online Missteps with Generation Y and Milleniums" as an example of how time spent on title optimization can have a significant impact on a page's visibility in the engines.

While the article focuses on using the Web to market to millenials, Goldman notes that searchers on the hunt for said info likely won't find it during a routine search, because the piece is not optimized for the right words. "It's not because of the page template," he says. "The headline of the article is repeated in the title tag, the bread crumb trail, and in the header of the article. The problem is, the right words weren't chosen. And in SEO, even a few small words can make a big difference."

Goldman then digs into the new Google Insights for Search tool and finds the words that the article should have been optimized for in terms of query volume and popularity. The author used "milleniums" in the title, for example, when "millenials" actually garnered much more volume. He also suggests adding the word "marketing" to the title, and removing stop words like "and," since the terms "millennial" and "generation Y" are synonymous. After a few more tweaks, the title becomes "Tips for Marketing to Millenials of Generation Y Online."



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