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SES San Jose Spotlight: Anything But Google For PPC

The panel's title says it all: "Everything But Google: Alternative Search Marketing Options," and Darrell Long provides sound bytes as well as a bit of analysis of the session.

First up was Sage Lewis, who advocated buying articles from bloggers (pay per post), as well as Quigo (a niche PPC engine), the Facebook business center, as well as traffic on Ask and Meanwhile, ContextWeb's Jay Sears said that the key is to target content--not just search terms. "When you're targeting content you want to go wide versus search where you want to be as specific as possible," he said.

Looksmart and Ask reps were also on hand. While Looksmart's Jonathan Ewert acknowledged that it's hard to compete with Google for reach, the alternative engine offers comparable geotargeting at much lower prices. Ask's Dustin Kwan said that many marketers are underutilizing the engine's fabulous tools, including dynamic insertion codes, a keyword prospecting report and run of category targeting.



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