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Forrester: TV to Look More Like the Web

  • Adweek, Wednesday, August 27, 2008 11:15 AM
A new report from Forrester claims that TV advertising will start to look more like Web advertising, as the industry embraces the kind of targeting techniques deployed on the Web to more accurately reach specific groups of people. According to Forrester, this will be a decade-long evolution that will result in most programming being delivered on-demand with targeted ad messages based on location and behavior.

The research firm calls it "Personal TV," delivering programming through a "portal-like" menu with all the options and search functions you'd find on the Web. Forrester claims the shift would give TV the opportunity to remain the dominant ad medium.

Of course, the flip side of "Personal TV" is audience fragmentation, but the research firm claims that more people will watch more TV, and as a result, advertisers will still be able to reach mass audiences, but in a more targeted manner. However, if "Personal TV" really is on-demand, what happens to commercial breaks? Where do the ads fit in? If it's anything like Web video, there will certainly be less of them, and thus, less money.



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