Bucks County Debuts Online Video Series

  • August 28, 2008
The Bucks County Conference and Visitors Bureau (BCCVB) has produced and online video series aimed at introducing travelers ages 18-45 to Pennsylvania's Bucks County.

The five-episode, documentary-style series takes viewers on a virtual tour of historic Bucks County, while uncovering the county's hidden nightlife hot spots and adventure tours at the same time. With distribution across YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and other video networks, the BCCVB is aggressively targeting the younger set.

"This is a county known for its great beauty and history, and we need to market our story to that growing audience that demands creativity and freshness of approach so that they can emotionally connect with Bucks County," said David West, marketing director for BCCVB. "It's a revolutionary approach to traditional destination marketing." --Tameka Kee



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