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Don't Want To Wait For Links? Try These Quick Tips

Bill Hartzer delivers the rundown on six ways to get "nearly instant" links to your Web site. And why might you need inbound links ASAP? "Perhaps it's a blog post," Hartzer says. "Perhaps it's just a new web site and a brand new domain name and you 'want to do something' to jumpstart it somehow."

First, submit your site to or Easy Link Directory, two sites that quickly establish links. You could also add link-back to the site through one of your (many) social media accounts, including StumbleUpon, and Or go one better and craft link-worthy content on the site, and use said profiles to promote the articles.

Lastly, make comments on some "do follow blogs," typically for one of the most recent posts. "Keep in mind that you really DO need to make a useful comment (especially on my blog) because most of these (if not all of them) are moderated," Hartzer says.



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