Throw-Down Marketing

When I was in first grade, I thought that war should really be settled by board game.  So it comes as a welcome surprise to see that the rappers Bow Wow and The Game have decided to  challenge each other not to a quickdraw, but to a game of "Madden '09."  The stakes?  $100k, to be donated by the loser to charity.

Yes, this is clearly a  marketing stunt.  If the  product placement in Bow Wow's challenge video isn't enough of a flag, the $100k to charity bit is a dead giveaway.  However, in this particular case, I don't really care -- it's kind of like professional wrestling.  That it's fake is besides the point.

This is some of the best viral game marketing since I Love Bees.  It is just so tremendously absurd. has set up a page dedicated to the challenge, featuring the YouTube throw-downs so far.  The challenge is officially sponsored by, a site dedicated to the hip-hop and video game crossover.

The original Bow Wow challenge video has already had over 200,000 views as of the time of this writing, but what is more impressive is its current four-and-a-half star rating.  So far this is looking like a very successful viral cross-promotion.  There really is something charming to the concept, and while the campaign target is specific and spot-on, I think there will be some splash over due to the novelty of the concept.

I look forward to the broadcast of the challenge and seeing if the tail end of the campaign lives up to its potential.  I hear it will be moderated by the Care Bears.  (Note: That last sentence, like the cake, is a lie.)

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