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Content Development Tips

SEO copywriting assignments may require you to wax poetic about subjects you barely know (or care) much about. So to avoid mashing your keyboard in frustration, or crafting paragraphs full of fluff, try these tips from Jared (as cribbed from late English professor and linguistics expert Paul McHenry Roberts).

First, find facts to bolster your content. "At times, copywriters avoid the meat and potatoes of a subject; they become lazy and opt out of creating tangible writing for writing that's general and unspecific," Jared says. "Uncovering and sharing useful facts can help when you run out of things to say."

And don't let a word count box you into choosing more words than you actually need--keep it clear and simple--and let the conversions make the case for why you trimmed the fat. Lastly, it's your job to make even the blandest topic seem interesting. "Try a new approach, new language, new anything to engage your website visitor/reader in an interesting way, to get them impassioned about your products or services," Jared says.

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