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Ask Revamps Kids Portal, But Are The Sponsored Links Safe?

Ask has gone live with a revamped Ask Kids section, offering kids a search engine that's easier to navigate (more clicking than typing) and safe. And while the improved navigation and indexing make it great for kids on the hunt for info for upcoming projects, etc., Bill Hartzr notes that there are some discrepancies when it comes to sponsored content.

For example, a search for "Texas" yields info on the state's population, state bird and song, but also features sponsored links right in the middle of the screen. "I know needs to monetize their search engine, but to put up sponsored results right there in the front and center like this?" Hartzer asks. "Do you really think that kids have the ability to support those sponsors?"

Meanwhile, a search for "Viagra" doesn't return "unsafe" sites within the organic results, but the sponsored links that show up could lead kids to an adult-oriented site. "Should, supposedly the best 'kid friendly' search engine show sponsored ads for Viagra?" Hartzer asks.



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