Yahoo Donates Ads Space to Fight Racism

  • by April 18, 2001
While Yahoo! Inc. may have been criticized for running forums for racist groups, the online portal is making up for it by donate millions of dollars in ads to five charitable causes, including one group promoting racial tolerance.

Anti-hate banner ads began appearing at Yahoo last week. According to the Associated Press, Murray Gaylord, Yahoo's VP of brand marketing, said Monday the company is working on similar campaigns on the environment, equal access to technology, disaster relief and AIDS.

"It's part of being a good corporate citizen," Gaylord said. The ads will appear when users type in specific keywords, such as "Nazi" for anti-hate messages or "wildlife" for the environment. is currently rotating five ads at Yahoo, carrying such messages as "Bias doesn't just happen," "What are you teaching your kids?" and "Fight hate and promote tolerance." Clicking the ad takes users to its site containing news and anti-hate resources.

Although ads will sometimes appear when someone visits a hate forum, will use most of its donated space to target Yahoo's parenting, children and news sections.

Yahoo pledged $3 million worth of anti-hate ads over three years. Gaylord said the four other charitable causes will get similar amounts, but he had no timetable for starting those campaigns.

- Anya Khait



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