Death of a Salesman

  • by , August 29, 2008

On the front door of my parents' house back home, there is a sticker that politely informs strangers that we do not welcome solicitors. Honestly, I never understood the sticker.

As I read more and more about advertisers looking for ways to reach an audience in the resistant on-demand media climate, I am frustrated with talks of ads being sent via text message. My cell phone is the gateway to my life and private realm. Caller ID is the peep hole to my gateway and text adage is the new door-to-door salesman.

When I engage in certain media (watching TV, listening to the radio, browsing the web, and even going to the movies) I expect to be inundated with advertising since I'm entering their domain. But I'd like a "No Soliciting" sign on my cell phone. I would be infuriated if I received a text about products and services. Is no place safe?

A colleague of mine brought up an interesting point though. Since I operate equipment made during the prehistoric world before smart phones, I do not receive emails to my cell phone that appear in the same format as my texts. Perhaps this would desensitize me to text advertising since, essentially, email and text are less distinguished using this technology. Until that day, I'll be using my parents' sticker as a cell phone cover to deter intruders.



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