Textual Seduction

I think that I have signed myself over to campaign handlers. I will admit I am more interested in Barack Obama than I am John McCain, basically because I have more information about McCain than Obama. I have seen him and heard from him a lot since 2000 and I have watched how his positions have held firm in some cases..and changed in others. Another huge thing that draws me into the Obama campaign is their use of media.

Early in my Facebook life and earlier in this never-ending campaign I checked out Obama's page and McCain's page. Huge differences in the way they used their sites. This is just one example of how important it is to use all forms of media and communication when trying to sell your candidate to the masses.

Being heavily interested in how political campaigns are won and lost, I have spent some time looking at both candidates web pages along with many news and opinion pages. I have found myself looking at banner ads for both candidates and trying to see how powerful the message and how much edge they have, I have also seen and heard many video clips and audio clips that are for or against both. I have tried to be fair in my analysis of the campaign as a whole and not based on my political leanings.

All this aside, I was hoodwinked into signing up for Obama's VP text. Shameless I know..but heck, that's a great idea. Can you imagine the amount of forwards that generated? Especially at 3am - the time where everything and nothing happens simultaneously. After the media's dance and Obama's "big moment" I have still been getting texts from the campaign. They still are reaching out to me and trying to get me to do send money to the gulf. That is a very noble act, but my worry is that as the campaign drags to a final death knell I will begin to be inundated by texts. I am not a community organizer for the Obama campaign. I'm just a guy that maybe just should have known better.

I know I can go through some type of removal process...but I wanna see how they play this card.

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