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A More Medium Mass Medium

Michael Bartlett of Newsbytes writes that "after years as 'elitist country club' for people with money and technical skills, the Internet is making way for Joe Six-Pack." His conclusions are based on the latest Nielsen/NetRatings Internet ratings report which show that in the past 12 months, home Internet access for blue-collar workers grew faster than any other occupational group.

The number of factory operators or laborers online jumped 52% from 6.2 million to nearly 9.5 million. Homemakers had the second-largest percentage growth, zooming 49% from 1.6 million to 2.4 million. The study said the Internet population grew by 25% from March 2000 to last month.

"With (adoption) rates reaching 60 or 70% in markets like Seattle or Portland, the Internet is turning into a mass-media channel like radio or television," said T.S. Kelly, director of Internet media strategy for Nielsen/NetRatings. "It now reaches many sectors, including different income groups and occupations.”

Home broadband access continued to grow in March, Kelly said. Over 14 percent of all active home users logged on via high-speed methods, including cable modems and DSL according to the study. "Every month broadband consumption grows a little more. We expect this to continue as long as market conditions do not sour and as long as services improve.”

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