Bluetooth or Crazy?

I have a game that I like to play sometimes in public. It’s a game that combines some of my favorite things: people watching and technology. The game is called “Bluetooth or Crazy?” and here’s how you play: When you see someone walking alone and talking to seemingly no on, you have to guess whether they’re talking on a Bluetooth headset or if they’re crazy and talking to themselves.

This game is really fun to play (particularly here in the middle of Indiana) but it’s actually a reflection of how absurd Bluetooth headsets are.

Cell phones have become more than a luxury for many people (myself included) and are more of a necessity (or at least we see them that way), but there comes a point when a cell phone becomes too convenient and having it strapped to your face is that point.

Is it really necessary to have your phone attached to your face? What could you possibly have to do that would not allow you to pause for three minutes while you made a phone call?

I consider myself to be a very busy person; I balance school, student organizations, and two jobs yet somehow I still have time to answer my phone when someone calls me. Am I gifted with a talent that others don’t possess? Doubtful! People have just become plain lazy and the Bluetooth phenomenon is taking that laziness to an epic level.

Next time you see someone walking down the street talking with no one around, stop and ask yourself: “Bluetooth or crazy?” Even if you spot the Bluetooth earpiece, they’re still probably crazy.

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