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IGA Adds Activision To Stable

New York-based IGA Worldwide is adding Activision to its stable, announcing another exclusive PlayStation 3 ad partnership. "Guitar Hero: World Tour," the next living room rock star refresh slated for release Oct. 26, will be the first Activision title to get pumped full of integrated ads under the deal. The company first made headlines in June when it announced it would be the exclusive in-game ad provider for Electronic Arts' PS3 games.

Locking up the two largest videogame publishers could be a huge advantage for IGA, which depends on the reach of its partners' catalogs to seal advertising buys, according to Forbes. Sony, unlike Microsoft, has an open advertising network for the PS3.

IGA's partnerships could help it snag more exclusives, or at least influence any publisher that has yet to decide which in-game provider it will go with. San Francisco-based Double Fusion is IGA's chief rival, but from the looks of it, IGA is on its way to becoming the dominant in-game ad provider for the PS3 much the same way Microsoft-owned Massive is the exclusive provider for the Xbox 360, according to Forbes. So far, it's the only firm to announce exclusive partnerships for PS3 games.

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