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Vertical Spotlight: Search And Furniture Retailers

"Mention the words SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) to most furniture store owners and you're sure to either see blank faces, or hear stories of frustration," says Heather Lutze. "Either they don't utilize these marketing techniques at all, or they've handed their company's Web site SEO and PPC activities over to an agency and have little idea what's going on with either, or they've 'done it themselves' and had lackluster results at best."

So she dishes out some search knowledge with a furniture-based spin, schooling brick and mortar couch-shillers (and e-tailers) on keywords, the synergy between paid and organic search, as well as link building. Though the article is geared toward search newcomers, it's an interesting read into how non-search geeks should view the space.



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