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SEO: White Hat vs. Black Hat

What can White Hat and Black Hat SEO teach us about social media optimization? Brian Carter makes a gallant effort to explain by first defining the terms and then providing examples. Through a combination of Web sites, numerous blogs, and social networks, Carter holds six of the top 10 rankings for his name, and 10 of the top 20. So, Carter considers himself a "White Hat," meaning he's earned the rankings with hard work, quality content and maintaining a good reputation.

No small deal ranking six in the top 10. After all, "Brian Carter" is a common name. Still, Carter says it would be "Black Hat" of him to try and secure all top 10 rankings. The best way to remain a "White Hat" is to stay away from fake profiles, redundant profiles, keyword spam profiles, aggregator endless loops, and social media for link building only.



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