More Listeners On the Horizon

  • by April 4, 2001
More Listeners On the Horizon

Some releases describe the current RAB (Radio Advertising Bureau) findings sluggish, but the new Sales Index shows solid industry growth over the long term.

"Local Radio will continue to be more stable than other media sectors during the first half of the year," noted President & CEO, RAB, Gary Fries. "Overall, Radio will pick up momentum as we move past the high comps of the first six months. All indicators to point to a heavy, back-ended year, with Radio delivering a healthy increase in year-end revenue."

When compared to the same month a year ago, local advertising revenues for Radio were down only 2% in February. Combined local and national ad sales declined 6%, in contrast to the soaring 22% increase of February 2000.

On a year-to-date basis, local numbers were off only 1%, while national totals were running 18% behind last year. Combined local and national advertising revenues showed a 5% decline in 2001 when matched against the first two months of 2000's phenomenal growth.

The RAB's new Sales Index For February 2001, the local Radio sales index is 139.1, while the national sales index is 131.0. The combined local and national sales index is 137.3. From a year-to-date standpoint, the indexes are 135.0 local, 127.2 national and 133.2 combined. The RAB Sales Index equates base year 1998 to 100.

These monthly totals are based on the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) Radio revenue index of more than 100 markets. The accounting firms of Miller, Kaplan, Arase & Co. and Hungerford, Aldrin, Nichols and Carter provide the local and national revenue data.

Find out more at the Radio Advertising Bureau.

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