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SEO 101

  • ClickZ, Thursday, October 23, 2008 3 PM
Celebrating her 101st ClickZ column, P.J. Fusco turns the tables on herself to see what Google, MSN and Yahoo search engines consider her top 10 columns. Her efforts bathe a spotlight on some common SEO myths and misunderstandings, as well as provide a bit of insight into how the three major engines compile page-one results.

Fusco goes through several examples, explaining in detail PageRank, internal site linking, and how MSN picks up some links that Google and Yahoo don't. Interestingly, MSN Live search results presented six new URLs not found in Google's or Yahoo's top 10 results. Unfortunately, the fourth listing is an error page from the ClickZ site move and the eighth item is an image used in an article. She concludes this reveals two things: image titles are not necessarily critical for MSN Live, but keywords in URLs for images are important in MSN Live.



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