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SEO For Video Search

Roger Janik reminds us that when searching for video we are not searching for specific images, but rather descriptions of SEO tags. "For instance, if a person uploads a video of a baby laughing, he or she might call the video 'Baby Laughing,'" he said. "A person searching for a video of a baby laughing would have to type in the keywords: baby + laughing or something very close to have a good chance of finding that video online."

While this method may help you find the videos you seek, we can dramatically improve the searching for content, such as pulling up all the content with a baby holding a blue ball by searching on baby and blue ball.

Janik says new video search technology is on its way. One in particular uses speech to text. By analyzing the audio track of a video, any speech in the video is deciphered into text. For example, with speech to text technology, you can pull up every video in which "your local TV network anchorman mentions Hurricane Ike in a video."

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