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Jim Stengel Promoting Purpose-Based Marketing

As Marketing Daily blogged back on Oct. 17, Jim Stengel, the widely respected, 25-year Procter & Gamble advertising veteran, is opening a new venture Monday that will promote "purpose-based marketing," which he says is about defining what a company does -- beyond making money -- and how it can make its customers' lives better. He is also writing a book, with the working title "Packaged Good," that will expand on the idea.

Stengel tells Suzanne Vranica that Pampers was able to gain market share a few years ago through a repositioning that utilized the concepts of purpose-based marketing. It started to offer parenting advice from experts and also did research on why babies don't sleep -- a study that eventually yielded a design change in Pampers to give them a more cloth-like feel.

There are skeptics, such as Jack Trout, about the "touchy-feely" approach in these tough times, but Stengel maintains "you can communicate value and build emotional equity at the same time."



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