Obama's a Mac; Mac's a PC

FOB-Obama's a Mac; Mac's a PCThe Obama presidential victory not only ushers in the next chapter in American history, but almost certainly brings with it a new era of consumer-branded politicians. What's unique and sure to be copied by future political hopefuls is the understanding and emphasis the Obama campaign architects placed on creating an "Obama brand," a brand that's more reminiscent of a youth-targeted consumer product than a politician. You might even say that in this year's campaign, Obama was Mac and McCain was PC, Political Candidate.

Obama as a consumer brand gave the candidate the unique ability to become larger than life before winning office, rising above many of the typical negative aspects of a political campaign and affording him the opportunity to focus on creating an impassioned connection with the campaign's target audience. From the O logo to the Shepard Fairey campaign posters to the "Yes We Can" video on YouTube, a comparison of the two candidates' campaigns is a look at the transition point from the past to the future.

Of course, only time will tell whether or not Obama will bring to life the brand perception he so effectively created. When compared to the decision to purchase a Mac or a PC, choosing the leader of the free world is one choice best void of buyer's remorse.
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