NetRatings and Yahoo! Team to Build Internet Audience Panel

  • June 29, 2000
NetRatings, Inc. and Yahoo! Inc. today announced a cooperative initiative to build and measure a custom Internet audience panel for Yahoo! Fusion Marketing programs. Yahoo! plans to test and gauge the effectiveness of targeted Yahoo! Fusion Marketing campaigns through the new panel, providing the company's advertising and e-commerce partners in-depth information for more focused and customized audience targeting. Users who choose to participate in the panel will be surveyed about their attitudes regarding new or current Yahoo! Fusion Marketing campaigns.

"This panel will give us deeper insight into the typical Yahoo! users'experience and how they react to specialized advertising, allowing Yahoo! to better understand user behavior and develop superior, customized products and services for our advertisers," said Anil Singh, chief sales and marketing officer at Yahoo!. "We sought NetRatings to build a special panel for us because of their superior tracking technology, accuracy and adherence to high research standards. This panel will provide Yahoo! clients with a custom research service that can be integrated with their Yahoo! Fusion Marketing programs to extract greater insight about customers and greater value for client programs."

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