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Getting More From Web Site Optimizer

In the first of a series on doing more with less resources, Amanda Kelly details how to get more conversions related to sales, form fills and account sign-ups from your Web site. It's no secret that one way to increase sales without increasing budgets is to convert a higher percentage of visitors to your Web site. So, Kelly tells us how to pay for the same number of clicks, but have a higher percentage of them turn into customers.

One way to do this is with Website Optimizer, a free Google tool that allows you to compare multiple versions of a Web page and statistically determine the version that performs best. For instance, Kelly explains, you can create two different landing pages, one with four small pictures versus a page with one large picture, and "scientifically determine" the design that has the highest conversion rate. "Sometimes small changes, like changing the size of an image or the wording of a special promotion, can improve conversion rates by 10, 20, or even 50%," she writes.



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