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Depending On How You Look At It, Verizon Holds It Own

Numbers may not lie, but it's all a matter of perspective, isn't it? Amol Sharma's glass-half-full lede in the Journal: "Revenue in Verizon's wireless unit rose 12% from a year ago and operating margins improved as the company continued to sign up new customers and encouraged users to spend on data services like text messaging, email and Internet access." Financial Times' Paul Taylor, meanwhile, ledes with the glass-half-empty angle that revenue from Verizon's corporate business dropped as companies delayed purchases and wireless subscriber growth slowed.

To be sure, both stories double back and cover all the bases. And both leave the prognostication to Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg, who says that the results prove that Verizon "is able to compete effectively in this economic environment." At the same time, Seidenberg admits to "more than the usual uncertainty as we try to plan for 2009."

Among its plans is accelerated deployment of next-generation, warp-speed Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless technology. It is expected to have market tests later this year and roll out within first half of 2010.



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