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New TV Show Turns Yahoo Searches Into News

Twentieth Television is partnering with Yahoo to develop a TV show called "Yahoo Buzz." It uses Yahoo's online search engine to identify the top 10 things people are searching at a given time -- and then expands on those topics.

Examples of search categories-turned-news-stories on this week's top 10 would be the finale of NBC's "Superstars of Dance," whether Jessica Simpson is too fat or just a bad dresser, and a promoter who was accidentally killed by a monster truck.

Twentieth is in talks with former MTV veejay Ananda Lewis to host the show, which Twentieth hopes to test on stations in coming months. Developing a show with a partner such as Yahoo could help Twentieth defray some of the show's upfront costs. Also, since Yahoo is a well-known brand, it will be easier to market and promote.



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