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Buffalo Wings May Be In Short Supply But Velveeta Is Not

After scrolling dozens of newswires all day yesterday, I ventured into the city to view a taping of the sole source for news for so many others, "The Colbert Report," and sure enough learned about a looming shortage of chicken wings for Super Bowl Sunday.

"Wing-Ageddon," as Colbert puts it, may be upon us but rest assured that "Velveeta-Ageddon" is not. There's plenty of it to go around this Sunday, and Kraft is doing its utmost to spread the word.

"On Sunday, thousands of women across the country are expected to welcome friends to their homes not just to watch the Super Bowl, but to dip into bowls of Velveeta ultimate queso dip," Julie Jargon writes. Marketing firm House Party made an email offer to Velveeta's target market -- women ages 25 to 50 -- giving them the "chance to host a game-day party featuring Velveeta." More than 15,000 applied; 2,500 were chosen.

The winners will get "party packs" containing a 32-ounce package of Velveeta, take-home plastic Velveeta storage containers for 16 guests, a recipe for chili con queso dip -- along with the requisite ingredients -- as well as other goodies, recipes and coupons. "It's like an honor to get picked for the party," says Angilyn Mathews. "When we got the party pack with all the fun things inside, it was like Christmas."



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