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Git Yer Super Bowl Ad Previews Here, Previews ...

See what your fellow marketers are paying $100,000 a second to promulgate this Sunday. ABC has videos of spots from Heineken, Pedigree, Go Daddy and more.

Stuart Elliott leads the Business Day section of the Times this morning with a round-up of the financial and societal zeitgeist surrounding Super Bowl XLIII advertising. Tim Calkins, a marketing professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, makes his second appearance in "Around the Net" this week, which I believe is a modern-day record for an academic. Calkins tells Elliott: "Advertisers have to strike a delicate balance this year. They need to recognize the environment we're in, so they don't want to appear too flip, making light of a tough situation."

Meanwhile, USA Today has a charticle that tells you which quarter each spot will appear, along with a plot summary, so you can efficiently plan your bathroom and ice runs.



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