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IE8's Influence On SEO And Search

Andrew Girdwood poses a few interesting questions about Microsoft's release of Internet Explorer 8. For starters, just how well do the popular search blogs cope with IE8? Girdwood analyzes each of the top SEO blog designs and offers us his critique. The sites he analyzes include Search Engine Land, E-Consultancy, Marketing Pilgrim, Search Engine Journal, SEO Book, SEOmoz, and Search Engine Roundtable.

Another question centers on whether a new feature in IE8 would enable searchers to bypass the Google search engine and go straight to suggested related sites. Girdwood explains a new feature in IE8 offers a button suggesting to visitors sites related to the one they landed on. "Microsoft may well be hoping that Internet users turn to it for content discovery rather than returning to Google for another search," he writes. Think of the consequence that could have on pay-per-click campaigns.



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