Meet The Listeners

  • by June 21, 2001
Meet The Listeners

"Sellers, planners and buyers have told (Arbitron) that Webcasting's ability to deliver a targeted message to an upscale, Internet savvy audience is the medium's most compelling benefit for advertisers today," said Bill Rose, general manager and vice president, Arbitron Webcast Services. Webcast Audience Profile initially revealed some of the specific characteristics of the Web radio audience.

The survey determined that listeners of NetRadio channels are well-educated, upscale and Internet-savvy.

- 73% of NetRadio's audience graduated college or have post-graduate degrees

- 9% live in homes with more than $100,000 annual income

- 32% of NetRadio's listeners made 10 or more online purchases in the past year

- 72% spending $100 or more online in the past 12 months

- NetRadio's audience uses the Internet for an average of three hours per day

- 55% tune in while at work

- Two-thirds of NetRadio's audience is male

- 73% are between the ages of 25 and 54

- 52% have more than two people in the household

- 29% have a child under 12 living in the home

- 74% live in the United States

- Outside the United States, Canada represents 6% of NetRadio's listening audience.

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