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Andrew Ettinger

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  • Custom Video Content Best Practices in Content Marketing Insider on 01/21/2014

    B2B advertisers are increasingly developing their own video content as marketing tools. Online video can inform prospective clients, create thought leadership and even drive leads. However, there are many pitfalls associated with creating B2B content. Here are five tips on how to better manage your custom video content efforts.

  • WebU: Your Ads, Your Buys in OMMA Magazine on 04/04/2011

    Stewardship is the only way to make a good media buy great. Sure, negotiating low CPMs and securing great placements are key to online success. However, in many ways, they are purely theoretical.

  • Only Stupid Answers: What Is Social Media in Online Media Daily on 12/15/2010

    If you Google the definition of "Media," you will get a straightforward answer. Do so for "Social Media" and your computer might explode.

  • Logging In: Quid Pro Grow in OMMA Magazine on 07/15/2010

    The Latin phrase quid pro quo means "something for something." Literally speaking, this is an equal exchange of gifts between two parties. Both sides have to contribute something for the other to receive fair value; it cannot be one-sided. Too often social media takes a more cynical approach - you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours

  • Web U: On the Job Training in OMMA Magazine on 06/24/2010

    Recently I interviewed fresh-off-the-farm college graduates for assistant media planning jobs. I was struck by their earnestness. Too many years ago I sat on their side of the table. In retrospect, I was totally ill-prepared for the vagaries of agency life. Perhaps I can help these newbies survive advertising in the 21st century.

  • Web U: What to Measure in OMMA Magazine on 04/07/2010

    Direct-response advertising is a straightforward proposition. If a placement does not produce sales, cut it and move the money elsewhere. It is very black and white. Meanwhile, brand advertising is filled with shades of gray. The majority of brand advertisers don't directly sell products on Web sites. They cannot directly monetize their Web traffic. CPGs struggle with Web advertising exactly because it is so measurable. Without a specific goal, brand managers thrash about for direction. They ask, What do you measure when there is nothing to measure?

  • The Sell: The Real-Time Focus Group  in Media Magazine on 01/06/2010

    My advertising mantra is "crawl, walk, run." While it is tempting to jump directly into the latest and greatest (think social or mobile), grounding a campaign in paid search (tried and true) is ultimately more efficient. Search is a reasonable basis for every campaign because it is a real-time focus group.

  • Web U: To Bid Or Not To Bid in OMMA Magazine on 01/05/2010

    Hamlet asked, "To be or not to be?" Advertisers have to ponder "To bid or not to bid?" - on their own name. And it is the question brand managers have the most trouble answering. Sometimes bidding on your own name is a smart idea, other times it just does not make sense. The answer must be considered in the context of many, often unrelated, factors.

  • Working the Networks in Media Magazine on 12/04/2009

    Whether it is classic or new media, networks are integral to the advertising industry. Yet so many misnomers exist about what the term "network media" really means. A network is a collection of individuals grouped together in order to form a larger, interconnected system. Networks permeate every aspect of the media business, and even so-called local media relies on network affiliations.

  • Pre-Roll Rocks in Online Media Daily on 08/03/2009

    At the June OMMA video conference, I was shocked to hear esteemed panelists say "Pre-Roll sucks." This could not be farther from the truth.

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