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  • Shanghai Surprise in OMMA Magazine on 09/12/2011

    Today's China and the hyperconnected Chinese marketplace are concepts so big it can be hard to wrap your intellectual arms around them. It helps to focus on only a few impressive facts at a time.

  • Cross-Media Case Study: Same Points, Different Game in OMMA Magazine on 04/29/2011

    Long before Mark Zuckerberg was a gleam in his mother's eye, Weight Watchers was creating a business based on community building and peer-to-peer support - also the building blocks of social media. These days, the 48-year-old company still convinces people to pay to talk to each about their weight; it also sells them online-only memberships, digital tools and a game - the Points programs - to help them earn the prize of a thinner body. The whole socially oriented, content-heavy endeavor is promoted with a hefty ad budget - more than $120 million in the U.S. this year, per industry reports.

  • Industry Watch: Airlines: Mobilize and Socialize  in OMMA Magazine on 04/04/2011

    Airlines, with their on-the-move customers and dependence on fluctuating conditions - like a foot of snow in 12 hours at JFK in New York - have extra incentives to max out their mobile and social media connections with consumers. Spurred on by each other, JetBlue, Delta and Virgin America have upped the ante on marketing and customer service efforts on Facebook, Twitter and mobile apps as air passengers' patience wanes.

  • Apps: Nike Training Club: More Function, Less Yoga in OMMA Magazine on 03/07/2011

    Nike and its agency, AKQA, took a good, hard look at what women want in an app before coming up with a radically revamped version of the Nike Training Club app for women. Released for the iPhone and iPod on Jan. 1, the app is designed to be streamlined, sophisticated and useful - with an emphasis on the useful. In essence, more functionality and less yoga.

  • Feds Catch Start-up Fever in OMMA Magazine on 03/07/2011

    A quartet of Sunnyvale, Calif., start-ups got a high-profile visitor in early January: the White House's chief technology officer Aneesh Chopra. The government's tech czar is on a mission to build connections between young Silicon Valley tech companies and similar start-ups in less techie places, such as Detroit, Cleveland, Maine and Washington D.C. His ultimate goal: create new jobs nationwide by "out-innovating the rest of the world," as President Obama put it in his State of the Union address a few weeks later.

  • IKEA Mixes Chairs and Charity  in OMMA Magazine on 03/07/2011

    IKEA knows that grass-roots volunteerism and community work are the new hot buttons for any brand that wants soul. Working with Ogilvy, the company unveiled a new identity and TV campaign in September, pushing the idea that if you improve your decor you are improving your life. It's the brand's first major ad campaign in three years.

  • Fake Hilfigers Wary of Social Media in OMMA Magazine on 01/05/2011

    The latest Tommy Hilfiger campaign is trying to prove its classic, preppy image can still be "cool" in the Facebook era. But the work seems to have created more irony than the prep-school envy it wanted.

  • Market Focus: Vodka Stays in Style in OMMA Magazine on 01/05/2011

    Vodka brands are tapping a diverse cast of endorsers as the industry fights to keep its lead as the most popular liquor sold in the United States. Pushed aside are old marketing pitches about a brand's proud Russian heritage and treasured traditions. Now it is about the party culture, fame and sharing.

  • Social Media Study: Tour De Force in OMMA Magazine on 12/29/2010

    Mayer Hawthorne might seem like a sweet-faced young crooner weaned on the soul-drenched ballads of early Motown. But for Mazda, the friendly and food-fixated singer is a social media content machine.

  • Cross-Media Case Study: Dangerous Curves Ahead in OMMA Magazine on 12/29/2010

    Levi's backed into some body-image issues in its latest "fit" campaign. It used to be that when a pair of new jeans didn't fit, a young woman thought there was something wrong with her. Now, when new jeans don't fit, she thinks there is something wrong with the jeans. Levi Strauss, one of the world's largest makers of women's jeans, is trying to adapt to that new reality with its Curve ID products and marketing.

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  • Let It Ride by Jack Feuer (Show Daily on 02/28/2007)

    Only half the hotel is hot! Just shoot me. Come do business in SF Bay Area, where whole cities do the Wi Fi thing--for free. Welcome back to the fray Jack. Joanie V

  • Foursquare, I Can't Quit You by David Berkowitz (Social Media Insider on 08/24/2010)

    great line Tim: Recognize me for a change. I'm the guy with the wallet. Add: I'm the gal with the job and I'm in a hurry.

  • P&G Boosts Ad Budget By $1 Billion by David Goetzl (MediaDailyNews on 08/03/2010)

    I think these numbers suggest ad spending went up about 14% for the year and sales went up about 20% for the year. If I'm getting that right, it's no surprise that the P&G CFO says, ""We would have been crazy to do anything else." Other marketers, are you listening?

  • Mintel: Plan Now For Coming Menu Transparency by Karlene Lukovitz (Marketing Daily on 06/18/2010)

    I was in an Applebee's for a beverage recently. A large party came in, looked at the card on the table that gives fat, sodium and other nutrititonal info about the meals. Set down the card and walked out. I looked at the card and understood why. Forget calories. People will be amazed at the sodium and the fat.

  • True West by Fern Siegel (Magazine Rack on 06/09/2010)

    Excellent review Fern. We Westerners know the cowboy is one of the great American fantasies. It's esp. fun to get a view of the dusty West from a diehard city slicker. Glossy mags are made for fantasy, don't you think?

  • General Motors To Open The 'Un-Dealership' by Karl Greenberg (Marketing Daily on 03/10/2010)

    Saturn dealerships were working on something like this back in 2007. Such showrooms would have been a good match for the no-haggle reputation of that brand. Seems that GM may miss Saturn more than it anticipated.

  • Cross-Media Case Study: Look Sharpie by Joan Voight (OMMA Magazine on 10/29/2009)

    You are absolutely right William. That is the second shoe to drop isn't it?Sharpie and many clients tend to keep that info close to their vests. But we will keep asking.Often, you can tell the net effect of a campaign by clients' actions going forward. The following year, are they spending more or less on these initiatives? Higher spend during a recession means the impact was probably quite positive.

  • Media X: Cruel To Be Kind by Jack Feuer (MediaDailyNews on 11/24/2009)

    It's a big world out there, Jack. I bet we will be hearing your voice somewhere else. Thanks to the 'digitards," you never have to be silent. We'll be looking for you...

  • Facebook Response Catches Baja Fresh Off Guard by Karlene Lukovitz (Marketing Daily on 08/06/2009)

    Did Baja work with an agency or consultant? If so, which one?You have to wonder if the Baja team behind this effort was aware of past online giveaway glitches -- or is this effort really just a way to get attention and publicity.

  • Media X: Wasted on the Young by Jack Feuer (MediaDailyNews on 06/30/2009)

    I sense a Boomer backlash brewing.If Boomers don't like your mass-market product or marketing, you're doomed? Could be.

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