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Joe Apprendi

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  • Chief Executive Officer Revel Partners
  • Twitter: japprendi
  • 110 Greene Street
  • 703
  • New York New York
  • 10012 USA

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  • Today DMP, Tomorrow DAP in MAD on 11/21/2016

    As companies continue to try to build end-to-end marketing tech stacks that bring data together from across media channels and from every corner of the business, they have the opportunity to go from merely identifying potential consumers to turning them into loyal customers. Data Management Platforms (DMPs) can play a central role in this shift. Instead of just serving as an information warehouse, the DMP of the future can become a learning platform that drives marketing and business decisions.

  • The Key To Transparency Is Technology, Not Just Terms And Conditions in MAD on 09/20/2016

    Marketers have been clamoring for more transparency and accountability. Two recent reports from the Association of National Advertisers underscore the urgency. And while the reports might seem to take aim at agencies and vendors, they actually present a unique opportunity to transform the dynamic among agencies, vendors and clients to be more open and, ultimately, more productive. But for that to happen marketers need to take a few critical steps.

  • Generation Hide-and-Seek: Why Millennials Can't Be Reached With Conventional Advertising in Engage:Millennials on 04/07/2014

    Millennials. Always connected, yet so elusive. Each spends an average of nearly 18 hours per day on media, according to a recent study by Crowdtap. By 2018, Oracle predicts that their annual spending power will eclipse Boomers at $3.39 trillion. Naturally, marketers are concentrating an increasing portion of their ad budget trying to reach them.

  • Five Rules For Choosing An Ad Network Partner in Online Media Daily on 07/15/2008

    The online advertising market certainly loves controversy. This was never more apparent following highly visible announcements

  • Yours, Mine and Ours: Whose Behavioral Targeting Data Is It Anyway? in Online Media Daily on 02/12/2008

    Not that behavioral targeting (BT) needs any more press, but the adoption and popularity of this proven method to deliver targeted display ads to millions gained exponentially in 2007. Today, BT is largely enabled and brought to market by leading portals, savvy publishers and opportunistic ad networks, but there may be another well-positioned, capable party ready to enter the mix this year: The agencies and/or advertisers themselves.

  • Shoot the Messenger, Not the Message in Online Spin on 10/30/2002

    In the debate over ad formats and ad standards, the time has come for ad management.

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  • Oligopolies That Delight And Confound by Josh Engroff (Online Spin on 06/17/2016)

    I think this is incredibly insightful commentary Josh.  I'd add the following that whether these powerful ecosystems ultimately control 80% or 20% of audience attention and ad supply, the media landscape will continue to evolve with current leaders waning and new players emerging.  This being the case and from an enterprise marketing perspective, it will be critical for the largest advertisers with complex objectives to entrust agnostic media technology and services to ensure independent attribution and channel mix allocation decisioning.   Lastly, in my 20+ years in digital media/advertising technology, I'm quite certain of one thing that the market will not standstill and enterprises will require the flexibiity to engage with new offerings with nimbleness, confidence and accountability.

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