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  • 'Check Out My Web Series!': NATPE In Miami in Just An Online Minute on 01/31/2013

    It's the end of January -- and while, yes, there have been some unseasonably warm days up north, I do recall my Twitter and Facebook feeds being inundated with "I'm done with the cold" updates. These updates didn't come from me, however, because I am based in the Miami area now, where networking cocktails are served outdoors with the crush of the ocean rambling behind you while palm fronds tickle the sky. As was the case this week at NATPE Miami: Content First.

  • COREMedia Puts On Its Crazy Game of Poker Face To Celebrate 20 Years in Just An Online Minute on 05/29/2012

    When Glenn DeKraker, COREMedia Systems CEO, floated -- correction -- effervesced the idea to me of shooting the company's 20th anniversary event, Response Responsibility, I thought two things: "Crap sandwiches, I'll have moved to Florida by then"; and "How can I make this work?" Glenn solved it for me by whisking me from Miami in what I like to call "a bounce house in the sky" (what others call a plane). The next thing I thought, this would be perfect for Just An Online Minute, my old column that I love and miss! So hello, here I am, on assignment from CoreMedia. I've missed you.

  • Just An Online Minute... Endings Are Really Beginnings... Or Something Like That in Just An Online Minute on 02/04/2011

    I have tried to write this a good 80 times this week. When thanking people that I met through this beat who inspire and influence me, whom I grew to trust, whom I could share an inappropriate laugh or story with, people who were beacons of real in the murky waters of the ultimate schmoozefests -- well, I didn't want to leave anyone out. But I'm afraid I will. So I get word-stunted. Keep in mind I'm a shower thinker, so if I have left you off, realize I'll kick myself in the shower later, which will be more frequent in the near future since I'll actually have to go into an office.

  • Just An Online Minute... Waggener Edstrom Cures The Winter Blues in Just An Online Minute on 02/04/2011

    Last night I popped out of the 4 at Grand Central around 6:15 p.m. a time at which I really don't like to be caught in that beautiful old travel hub. The key is to plant your head aggressively forward, your feet unwavering, and your shoulders at the offense -- and you just GO. It helps to harness a little crazy eye --which I do -- to part the sea of people in front of you. At least until you connect with another crazy eye and it becomes a duel of wills, but that's a story for another day.

  • Just An Online Minute... Robbers Report To The Rose Club To Cop Champagne And Apps in Just An Online Minute on 02/02/2011

    When I first started writing this column, the immediate obvious stress was knowing absolutely NO ONE at these shindigs, with the sub-stress of what the hell to wear. I had spent the earlier part of my career in an Internet technology lab where jeans and hoodies were the norm, and then I also observed other bloggers and the hipster tech crowd sporting more of the same. But the events were different and my role was different. I had to blend, I had to be part of the party, not the frumpy weirdo in the corner creeping and taking notes. Last night as I prepared for The Plaza Hotel, I felt that sneaky little twinge of outfit intimidation yet again.

  • Just An Online Minute... Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy? in Just An Online Minute on 02/01/2011

    Tonight I'm heading to The Plaza Hotel, The Rose Club to be exact. I can't believe that in the three years of writing this column, The Plaza has been a wanted destination not yet realized, until now. I feel like I should hit some thrift stores for a full-length faux fur coat before heading over there - or maybe get a little lip enhancement so I can quack my way through the lobby unnoticed. I'll fill you in on the event tomorrow, but you can be confident with your guess that it's not for the launch of WalMart's latest ammo and cigarettes luxury line.

  • Just An Online Minute... It's The Final Countdown!  in Just An Online Minute on 01/31/2011

    Today is mixed emotion Monday! Much like the events in this column, it's a bit up and down. Why the mixed emotions? Why the first paragraph drama? Step inside, dear loyal reader, and see what I've got for you.

  • Just An Online Minute... Digital DUMBO Enters The Terrible Twos in Just An Online Minute on 01/28/2011

    Last night Digital DUMBO celebrated their 2nd birthday at The DUMBO Loft, sponsored by Carrot Creative.

  • Just An Online Minute... Most Chilled Out Event Of The Year, Pants Optional in Just An Online Minute on 01/27/2011

    Today's party was insane. White stuff EVERYWHERE, guests without pants (some without any clothing at all!), sharp weapons hurled angrily, and the venue was constantly changing. It was like an around the world party, only it was centered in a lovely pocket of Manhattan where every step was at your own risk, the soundtrack was provided by strange wet squeals, and everyone's moods were elevated - even the children! It must have been the white stuff. It HAD to be the white stuff.

  • Just An Online Minute... Confess To Yoxi Your Digital Addictions And Help Others To Recover in Just An Online Minute on 01/26/2011

    Last night I headed down to the Bowery/Lower East Side area of Manhattan, packed tightly with cabin fever. If you're in NYC, you're tired of the weather -- and if you're not in NYC, you're tired of hearing about the NYC weather. I'll put a positive spin on it and say I welcomed the opportunity to bundle up and go for a nice 20-minute walk from my home office into the city darkness. This place has sizzling corners in the face of any weather or trappings of the clock, which is why I love this column so much - I get forced out at night to meet new corners and new people, like the team at Yoxi, who have some ideas for that BlackbBerry you can't put down.

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