Just An Online Minute... It's The Final Countdown!

Today is mixed emotion Monday!  Much like the events in this column, it's a bit up and down.  Why the mixed emotions?  Why the first paragraph drama?  Step inside, dear loyal reader, and see what I've got for you.

I wanted to give you all the official heads up that this will be my final official "full" week at MediaPost.  I am moving on, and will provide you with all the details you could possibly want and some you probably don't later this week on where you can find me or where to avoid me.  My weekend included a lot of looking back - flipping through old Just An Online Minute event photos on Flickr and getting very nostalgic.  Can you experience nostalgia looking back 2-3 years? I think so.

Let's finish strong, people - if you've got invitations sitting around on your desk full of crackers, send them to me at .  It's true, I already have some in the calendar, but maybe you've got something with better pork sliders...

Stay tuned, more details, and more parties to come!

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