Fueling Happy

Fueling HappyNew York City, Aug. 1 --- It was raining cats and dogs on Thursday, but Elizabeth Elfenbein managed to bring the sun out. She's the founder of the new app Happy fuel aka ":) fuel." The app was launched at the venue Simyone, a lounge decorated with colorful balloons and decorative message boards -- and filled with a lot of happy people.

Fueling HappyInterns from all over NYC came out to support Happy fuel (including myself!). To help fuel our happy, attendees were offered complimentary drinks, snacks and a chance to win an iPad mini. The event was a perfect networking opportunity for college students and recent graduates. Almost everyone there met someone new. Attendees shared stories of their experiences at internships, school and their jobs. Everyone there was friendly and eager to spread awareness of Elfenbein's new app.

Fueling HappyWhen asked why the app was created, Elfenbein explained that she is a happy person and she wanted to find the most efficient way to share her happiness with others. The application allows you to post anything that makes you happy (including video, sound, picture and music). After you upload your happy fuel, you have the option of sharing it to Facebook and Twitter (spreading the happiness to your social networks).
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