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  • The Power Of Tribes In Sports in Marketing: Sports on 04/05/2016

    Tribes were best explained in author Seth Godin's 2008 book of the same name, when he described them plainly as "any group of people, large or small, who are connected to one another, a leader, or an idea." By this definition, everyone you know is a participant in countless tribes. You, yourself, could be a member of a political tribe, a Game of Thrones tribe, an office tribe, a Villanova Wildcats tribe, Pittsburgh Steelers tribe, or a Bruce Springsteen tribe. Even brands can be members of tribes, if they remember the rules of engagement.

  • Brands Need Smarts And Luck During March Madness in Marketing: Sports on 04/01/2014

    March Madness is an apt moniker for this flurry of competition we've been treated to the past few weeks. Fitting not only for the unpredictable action on the court and the passion that it inspires, but for the sponsors associated with the NCAA tournament, as well as the heaps of money this spectacle generates.

  • The Games To Get The Games  in Marketing: Sports on 04/03/2012

    While recently attending one of the country's biggest sporting events, my colleagues and I discussed how the event impacts the host city - specifically, an event in which the local professional team doesn't need to be in the championship. Topping that list is the NFL's championship game. (The Super Bowl, dare I say it without a signed release?) But, there are many other sporting events that fit the description. From the NCAA Final Four to the World Table Tennis Championships, major events are constantly seeking the best city to showcase their event. Currently, there is hot competition for the right to be the host community.

  • Sports Portfolio Optimization A Hot Topic With Brands  in Marketing: Sports on 07/05/2011

  • The Great Recovery  in Marketing: Sports on 09/07/2010

    There are two key questions to be answered: Can the sponsor brand foster genuine engagement with the members of the particular sports tribes? And, do the tribe members accept that brand as a part of their tribal existence?

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