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Lynn Russo whylly

Member since July 2003

  • Freelance Writer Media Post Comm
  • 14-1/2 Fairview Ave. #C3
  • Norwalk Connecticut
  • 06850 USA

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  • Behind the Numbers: Bang for Your E-Mail Bucks in OMMA Magazine on 11/01/2007

    Web 2.0 techniques may be capturing all the attention these days, but most online marketers continue to use e-mail as the foundation of their online strategy, and they're growing their use of this tried and true medium. Ninety-seven percent of marketing executives recently surveyed by Forrester Research say they use e-mail marketing, while around 72 percent of respondents surveyed by Datran Media say they plan to up their e-mail marketing budget.

  • Behind the Numbers: Taking the Pulse of Younger Men in OMMA Magazine on 10/01/2007

    When it comes to capturing the attention and loyalty of younger men, the typical "push an ad to them and hope they pay attention" model no longer cuts it. Younger men want more.

  • Keywords Made Easy in OMMA Magazine on 11/28/2006

    In theory, optimizing keywords doesn't sound complicated.

  • The Next Frontier: Online Video in OMMA Magazine on 11/28/2006

    It's no wonder YouTube drew the attention of powerful suitors like Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo when it came up for sale.

  • The Next Frontier: E-mail in OMMA Magazine on 11/28/2006

    After so much "talking the talk" and too little "walking the walk," e-mail marketing is poised to achieve its fullest potential and get the credit it deserves, say industry experts.

  • A Model Merger in Media Magazine on 11/28/2006

    The merger between draft and FBC is the first marriage between a large-scale direct and a traditional agency, but it won't be the last.

  • Behind the Numbers: Pharma Seeks Marketing Rx in OMMA Magazine on 10/26/2006

    Pharmaceutical marketers are frustrated with heavy-handed legislative regulations, a lack of consumer trust, and the ineffectiveness of mass marketing techniques.

  • E-Mail Focus: Life After Text? That's Rich in OMMA Magazine on 10/26/2006

    Think the vast majority of your customers still want marketing e-mails delivered to them in text form? Think again.

  • On the Shopping List in Media Magazine on 09/22/2006

    Wandering through the mall, wondering where to find the best deals? Keep an eye out for full-motion "smart screens" from Adspace Networks Inc.

  • Saving the Message in OMMA Magazine on 09/22/2006

    If you're as frustrated with e-mail spam and bouncebacks as most marketers today, here's something to counteract your slipping open rates.

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  • Jim Halpert, Whistleblower? by Frank Maggio (TV Board on 03/19/2009)

    Well I will certainly be reading verbatim any license agreements I sign in the future! I think you should send this one to the attorney general...there have got to be some violations of people's rights in there, this issue is much bigger than the inner circle of a trade publisher...the entire world needs to know!

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