On the Shopping List

Wandering through the mall, wondering where to find the best deals? Keep an eye out for full-motion "smart screens" from Adspace Networks Inc. The screens are already in more than 40 upscale malls and will be in 100 by the end of 2007, reaching 47 million retail shoppers a month. They screens display "Top 10" deal lists to help brands stand out.

Retailers submit lists of promotions, e-mailing text and images. Shopping experts choose the Top 10 based on appeal and brand power. "Today's Top 10" is featured on a video loop. Less than half of the content is paid advertising ($2.25/CPM); Adspace pays the mall a rental fee for the space. Advertisers include Sears, Nintendo, Geico, and DaimlerChrysler. A recent Adspace study showed that 19 percent of women who visited a mall on a specific day bought an item featured on the "Top 10" list during that visit.

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