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  • The Trump Myth: TV Political Advertising Is Unnecessary in Marketing: Politics on 07/11/2016

    For months, we've endured headlines and comments questioning the relevance of TV political advertising as presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has accumulated an estimated free (or "earned") media tally of north of $3.8 billion by appearing ubiquitously - often with a phone call - on TV news programs. The candidate himself has been a leading skeptic, asking supporters at a rally, "Do ads work anymore?"

  • The "Trump Effect" On Political Advertising in Marketing: Politics on 06/10/2016

    Skeptics suggest Trump's enormous use of earned (free) media has obviated political ads, while others suggest the presumptive GOP nominee's widespread TV exposure spurred Trump primary competitors and now spurs the Clinton campaign, and supporting PACs - and even down-ticket candidates and issues advertisers - to spend more to break through the Trump clutter.

  • Programmatic TV: The Mandate for Training & Education in Real-Time Daily on 10/20/2015

    Programmatic TV spending is expected to top $10 billion by 2019, up from $69 million in 2014. Across the country, agencies cite ambitious plans to grow their programmatic TV business. It's all pretty impressive - but hold on. Our industry may not realize these projections unless we also realize the imperative of continual education and training for the people on both sides of the programmatic TV transaction.

  • Programmatic: The Holy Grail Of Media-Buying? in Real-Time Daily on 06/12/2014

    Programmatic -- who would have thought that such a simplistic concept could carry such implications to our industry at large. As it turns out, you can't open a general business paper or a trade journal without reading about programmatic for Internet advertising. It's the white-hot topic of the day. Everyone is trying to understand it, figure it out, tap into it, explore it -- but has anyone thought about the fact that programmatic might just be the holy grail for television advertising as well? Think about it for a second: take the sight, sound, motion and emotion of television (arguably the most engaging medium there is) and add the accountability and targeting abilities of digital using data to buy impressions wherever they may be (aka audiences) to give you the best of both worlds. Now that's programmatic buying.

  • Naturally Occurring Data  in TV Board on 05/16/2012

    Over a half century ago, TV measurement was invented. Advertisers wanted to know whether their TV ads were effective. How to define "effective"? The ultimate answer: Did the ads drive consumers to action, to buy the product or service being advertised? This kind of detailed information was simply not available, so the industry settled for a weak proxy: Were my ads even seen? A sampling system was set up to monitor if the TV program was watched by a small number of panelists who had an "opportunity to see" the ads And these panelists had to be actively engaged, raising all kinds of biases.

  • Canoe Ventures, Linsanity & TV ROI in TV Board on 02/27/2012

    You know what they say about the best-laid plans: more often than not, they don't really get you anywhere. That was the lesson of last week's top media news. On the one hand, you had the demise of Canoe Ventures, whose plans couldn't have been better laid by its big corporate sponsors. And on the other, the totally unanticipated, stunningly meteoric rise to NBA stardom of an undrafted Harvard grad named Jeremy Lin. How's that for a contrast?

  • Super Ads, Super Messaging, Super ROI? in TV Board on 02/13/2012

    I know, I know. By now Super Bowl XLVI -- the game and the commercials -- has long since lost its novelty as water-cooler fodder. However, being a huge aficionado not only of televised sports, but also of the advertising that drives the business, I feel compelled to weigh in on what I consider to be the best Super Bowl ads of 2012, and how they compared on my personal scale of advertising success: The ROI Meter. ROI is one key metric that all the other rankings of TV commercials are now only just managing to capture. Here they are, in order of ROI success:

  • Playing To Win in TV Board on 01/30/2012

    "Average is over," Thomas Friedman wrote last Wednesday in the New York Times, and it may well have been the headline of the week. In sports, politics, business, and the movies, we learned this week -- in case we didn't already know -- that there is no longer room in our world for mediocrity.

  • Winning Elections On TV in TV Board on 01/09/2012

    After last week's Iowa caucuses, some television commentators were surprisingly caught off-guard by Mitt Romney's hairs-breadth victory over Rick Santorum. But why the shock? Watching Santorum on the Sunday-morning circuit two weeks ago, I saw him point out that he was the only candidate who hadn't yet had a chance to run the gauntlet. Romney had held steady with 25% of the vote for six months or so, with Bachmann, Perry, Cain, and Gingrich all taking turns as the lead contender. Iowa came, and Santorum was up. And why not?

  • Looking Back, Forging Ahead in TV Board on 12/19/2011

    'Tis the season for wistful recollections about the year past and shining optimism about what the future might bring. For me it is, anyway. Looking back, it's been another roller coaster of a year in television. A few highlights:

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  • Small Screen, Big Picture: Postcard from Israel by Mark Lieberman (TV Board on 11/07/2011)

    Media generally is the culprit. As they say, it sells newspapers. That said, the situation in Israel is of course incredibly complex, which makes it difficult to fairly and accurately represent in any medium.

  • Why S&P Doesn't Do TV Ratings by Mark Lieberman (TV Board on 08/15/2011)

    Rob, I'm afraid you misunderstood my provocative (but perhaps ambiguous) title. I couldn't agree more -- the last thing S&P should be doing is TV ratings. If there's one thing we've learned from the last week, it's that S&P has a hard enough challenge with credit ratings. They're less relevant today than ever, with the marketplace itself driving the pricing of bonds, as it should. What we in TV must take away from the downgrade-related debacle is that we need to move toward letting the marketplace drive the value of advertising as opposed to just ratings.

  • Why Television? by Mark Lieberman (TV Board on 07/25/2011)

    When I refer to TV, I am talking about the programming, not the means by which the programming is delivered. So that does include TV programming viewed online, on tablets, on smartphones, etc. -- video by another name. Of course, I’d personally rather choose to watch the most compelling “TV” on a 60” screen over a smartphone any day. However people are watching “TV”, the industry needs to go well beyond Plain Old Ordinary Ratings to make sure advertisers are reaching the right audience (defined as consumer’s viewing AND purchase behavior). Nielsen does not provide that insight for ads -- whether a consumer fast forwards over them or not -- even though that data is now available. And as we’ve seen, there are plenty of stories in the data (see link: for buyers and sellers to use.

  • What NYC's High Line Tells Us About Time-Shifting by Mark Lieberman (TV Board on 06/20/2011)

    You may be right. However, and though I'm hardly in a position to defend Nielsen’s numbers, in this case I can draw the same conclusions from our own proprietary data. While alternative-device viewing is on the rise, I do believe that traditional TV in-home viewing is at least flat if not slightly up.

  • Partnership in a Connected Media World: Four Core Values by Mark Lieberman (TV Board on 06/13/2011)

    While I did oversimplify and agree with your well-articulated Darwinian definition, at some point one has to decide whether success requires partnering with those whose needs diminish one's own resources and ultimate chances of survival, which is antithetical to the Randian philosophy.

  • The Limits Of POOR Points by Mark Lieberman (TV Board on 04/26/2011)

    With TRA's Media TRAnalytics®, you are able to find the right audience for a particular category or brand – based on the brand’s objectives or based on the most responsive audience – and by responsive this includes your competitor’s loyal customers. With this information, advertisers are able to reallocate media investment accordingly, thus reducing waste and capitalizing on the opportunity to grow sales.

  • The Limits Of POOR Points by Mark Lieberman (TV Board on 04/26/2011)

    I totally agree with you, Philip. DailyTRA provides the reader with snippets of information on how users are using our system to eliminate waste and improve ROI. Of course, users are also able to report on actual second by second commercial viewing and pod positioning and its impact with a simple report, making Media TRAnalytics® the most robust analytics software of its kind.

  • TV's Weekend At Bernie's by Mark Lieberman (TV Board on 04/18/2011)

    If Bernie -- those age/sex ratings -- only cost $25K, maybe he'd keep scoring those invitations. But while he's nice to have around, more and more advertisers are reconsidering whether they can count on him to be the life of the party.

  • TV Advertising's Tipping Point by Mark Lieberman (TV Board on 03/28/2011)

    We totally agree that direct marketing is terrific. Most of the top 100 advertisers use it but put far more money into TV ads designed to change buying behavior in stores where the lion's share of their sales come from. Some of the largest market leading advertisers have now validated that they can indeed make buys based on TRA to lift their return on media investment. Incidentally although some call them loyalty cards, 86 percent of supermarket purchasing is done with those cards.

  • March Madness Carries Memories For Top Sales Exec by David Goetzl (TVBlog on 03/17/2011)

    Lefko has been a great player since he learned how to walk- maybe even before then. (I played HS ball with his older brother Kenny who set a mean pick back in the day.) It's been great to watch him continue to apply his winning ways to his current trade.

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