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Matt Berry

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  • CTO and Co-Founder Digitalsmiths
  • 5001 Hospitality Court, Suite 100
  • Research Triangle Park North Carolina
  • 27560 USA

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  • Conan's Rethinking The Future Of Network Television -- And So Am I in Video Insider on 05/24/2010

    Not sure if you had the chance to catch Conan O'Brien's interview with Google, but I did, and I think he is onto something. In the interview, Conan talks about how network television is essentially becoming dated, referencing his recent split from "The Tonight Show" and how he has been reaching millions of fans through Twitter to promote his new TBS gig, as opposed to relying on television to reach his massive fan base. So what's next in terms of online content and television? Is there a fusion model out there where both can exist harmoniously?

  • Where's The Pandora App For Video? in Video Insider on 04/28/2010

    Hot on the heels of the NAB Show and the much-anticipated April 3rd arrival of the iPad, Netflix and broadcast networks ABC and CBS recently announced moves to offer video applications for the iPad. While CBS is relying on the HTML5-served video that will allow fans to access shows like "Survivor" and others using the iPad's built-in Safari Web browser, ABC appears to have taken a different approach, relying on a standalone app with HTTP-streaming inside Apple's QuickTime library. ABC's move to launch its own iPad application rather than relying upon a browser-based experience is really a game-changer in the video streaming industry.

  • Time To Revisit Time-Based Metadata And Its Role In Monetization in Video Insider on 03/23/2010

    As you know, delivering on the promise of multiplatform video (TV Everywhere being one example) presents many opportunities and challenges. Time-based metadata is one of several foundations that can help capitalize on this opportunity, in addition to things like authentication, content identification and adaptive bit-rate streaming.

  • Dive Deep With Video Metadata For Major Monetization Opportunities  in Video Insider on 03/15/2010

    Metadata is simply data about data. While it sounds really boring, metadata is the key to unlocking exponential growth in viewership, discovery and monetization opportunities for premium video content.

  • Should Media Companies Look to the Cloud? in Video Insider on 02/15/2010

    Obviously, video storage and delivery can be complicated and expensive. So it's not surprising that media companies are considering cloud as a way to expand their businesses and save money. Let's briefly explore cloud, and whether or not it's a prudent solution for media companies.

  • Connected Devices Push TV Everywhere Initiatives Forward in Video Insider on 01/27/2010

    Connected devices -- which include smartphones, home entertainment consoles like the Xbox 360, and now Apple's tablet, the iPad -- are everywhere. All of the above support video, and as iTunes has shown, users will pay to download movies. The rise of connected devices, and with them the pay-for-play model, represents a challenge to traditional cable broadcasters, who are making not-particularly bold choices when it comes to "TV Everywhere"-style distribution models.

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