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  • All Interactive Youth Marketing Will Soon Be Location-Based  in Engage:Teens on 08/05/2010

    The world is about to get a whole lot smaller for digital marketers. Geo-targeting will continue to birth a new wave of technologies, experts, and devices built to deliver relevant information based on where you are, not just who you are. Brands can prepare by adopting a new framework for how it will serve the expectations of consumers and it should be surprise that the youth market will once again be at the forefront of this revolution.

  • Top 7 Ways To Connect With The Class Of 2014. Right Now.  in Engage:Teens on 05/06/2010

    They are the holy grail of youth marketing; the 5-million-plus American high school students who will be leaving home for the first time this fall, building brand loyalties and buying habits that will last a lifetime.

  • Shaun White, Glee And The Rise Of The Anti-Cool in Engage:Teens on 03/04/2010

    Is your brand still hiding behind the bright lights and makeup of a paid celebrity shill to tout your wares? Or are you embracing your warts while becoming more authentic and relatable?

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  • All Interactive Youth Marketing Will Soon Be Location-Based by Matt Britton (Engage:Teens on 08/05/2010)

    Jeff, Thanks for your note and your observations, but not sure they are really relevant to my piece. Let me address them one by one: * I wholeheartedly disagree with your comment on locations, devices, and infrastructure being unnoticed. Teens are astutely aware of their choices when it comes to a wireless carrier (Verizon, Sprint), device type (Droid, iPhone), and data plans and over-index in the usage of data related wireless services when it is in use. Their demand for mobile social access largely fuels this awareness and interest. * It is irrelevant in the context of my article if teens have money or not. Although teens do yield billions in discretionary spending power many brands target them primarily because critical point of market entry for so many categories. They are the consumers of tomorrow and building equity at an early stage always pays off. * To the contrary both 3G and 4G networks are generally GPS compatible as is. The GPS option is enabled at the device level (rather than the carrier level). With the rising smartphone adoption and shrinking data plan costs you will undoubtedly see major growth in GPS-enabled location services.

  • How To Make Your Summer Sponsorships Epic by Doug Akin (Engage:Teens on 07/01/2010)

    "Strong as an ox fresh out the box, the crowd is so live they're coming in flocks" Great stuff as always @dugger @MattyB123

  • Shaun White, Glee And The Rise Of The Anti-Cool by Matt Britton (Engage:Teens on 03/04/2010)

    Steven, it is great to see you are such a huge Shaun White Fan and also apparently an astsute mathematician. To clarify I never referred to Shaun White as "uncool", but instead that he defined "anticool'; a state of being that defies traiditional beliefs of whom teens look up to by being "reletable" and "free spirited". You are right the past does not define the future and I think this piece speaks exactly to your point. I am also a big fan of Fast Company and are glad you are a big believer in what they write. I'll have to check out the piece on Shaun White you reference. Sincerely, Matt BrittonCEO & Founder, Mr Youth One Of Fast Company's Ten Most Innovative Advertising Companies In The World You are right he is 23 but his age is not really relevant this piece was about who teens look up to, not the age of those people. (editor: "It should read "Shaun White is an American teen icon"")

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