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Oren Netzer

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Oren is Founder and CEO of cClearly which built the first paid search targeting platform to help marketers improve paid search performance through data-driven keyword expansion and intelligent audience segmentation. Prior to founding cClearly, Oren was Founder and CEO of DoubleVerify.

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  • The Keyword Is Dead: Accept And Adjust by Jonathan Kagan (Search & Performance Marketing Daily on 05/13/2019)

    Jonathan - great article! I couldn't agree more on the importance of targeting audience in paid search. We found that audience optimization is also a very effective strategy in paid search because you can identify and define multiple audience groups and assign a different bid to each one. For example, you might set a higher bid for females age 35-44 because they convert better but you still want to target entire female population. Full discolure: my company, cClearly (, provides technology for identifying, targeting and optimizing audience in paid search and allows you to use thousands of different criteria to target and optimize by leveraging zip code bid modifiers.

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