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Paul Woolmington

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  • The New Next: Best Foot Forward in Media Magazine on 01/02/2009

    Some brands only make use of one or two of the four key elements of marketing today: the idea of engagement, the tools provided by new media, the authenticity of word-of-mouth, and the power of offering people purchasing options that are both savvy and socially responsible.

  • The New Next: The Price of Loyalty in Media Magazine on 12/02/2008

    The fact that it's important to reward consumers for being loyal to your brand is indisputable by now. But how do you do it? One of the most readily accessible examples is the loyalty program. Most are the same: The more you spend, the more points you accumulate and can then redeem for swag, airline miles or discounts. But what does this reward? Certainly not true loyalty; the primary goal behind these programs is essentially to stimulate frequent purchases. And the consumer knows this.

  • The New Next: The Journey's the Thing in Media Magazine on 07/22/2008

    At the beginning of the summer, the third annual Come Out & Play Festival hit New York with a bang - people blanketed the city, turning themselves into game pieces and using space in a creative way to have a good time. From a New York City vs. London photo scavenger hunt to a multiplayer game in which GPS triggers from mobile devices reward teams with tools to help them win, Come Out & Play capitalized on "city-size fun" by making a city the game board.

  • The New Next: The Stars of the Story in Media Magazine on 06/23/2008

    From the time they realized that people evaluate brands based on their behavior rather than on calendars and units of time, marketers have placed "creating experiences" on the top of their priority lists. This is nothing new: From the branded utility craze a few years ago to the buzz surrounding Web 2.0, brands have scrambled to build relationships with people. Building connections, like anything else, must be insightfully relevant, and oftentimes marketers make the mistake of thinking that if they build it - all Field of Dreams-like - people will come.

  • The New Next: Betting on the Muse in Media Magazine on 05/20/2008

    Every spring, communications professionals from all over the world trek to the high desert above Sante Fe and gather in dark rooms where, after seemingly endless deliberation, it is decided which creative from the previous year is worthy of recognition. Meet the jury for the Clio Awards.

  • The New Next: Going Buzz One Better in Media Magazine on 04/15/2008

    Nobody is a stranger to words like "buzz" and "viral" anymore - media guys, ad guys and digital experience guys are all thinking about how to get people talking with their ideas, but PR is where it all started: That's their stock-in-trade.

  • The New Next: Power To (A Few) People  in Media Magazine on 08/02/2007

    From Facebook to Dove's "Real Beauty" campaign, social networks play a key role in media today. But, despite the current hype, networks aren't particularly new. Consider, the famous "six degrees of separation" experiment examining social networks was conducted in the 1960s

  • The New Next: Our Lives As Open Books in Media Magazine on 06/28/2007

    Documenting our lives once meant keeping secret diaries. We would typically write in them at night, detailing things that happened during the day. A little later, people began carrying blank books and journals around with them, periodically updating them throughout the day. In the mid-1990s, the Internet helped us keep these diaries online, for our friends to read.

  • The New Next: Trends Can Be Dead Ends in Media Magazine on 05/29/2007

    Four years ago, few people had heard of MySpace, but by 2005, it was the new next. Then, it became the target of a corporation with ambitious plans to transform it. Now, it's a challenge for MySpace to be part of a huge corporation while still striving to remain cutting-edge. Unfortunately, it currently feels at best like the New Now; at worst, it's struggling to avoid becoming the New Last.

  • The New Next: On Being Young At Heart in Media Magazine on 04/24/2007

    We've probably all experienced life as an intern so that we could gain more practical knowledge of our industries. Depending on where you worked, though, your experience was either richly rewarding or very deeply tedious.

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