The New Next: Best Foot Forward

The New Next: Best Foot ForwardSome brands only make use of one or two of the four key elements of marketing today: the idea of engagement, the tools provided by new media, the authenticity of word-of-mouth, and the power of offering people purchasing options that are both savvy and socially responsible.

Now and then, you come across a brand that blends all four in one effortless motion, and the result is so striking, you can't help but see that this intertwining of elements is truly the future of advertising. Take TOMS Shoes.

Founded by Blake Mycoskie, TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a child in need every time a pair is sold. Recently, after presenting his brand story to an audience of 250 people, Mycoskie promised a free pair of TOMS to every single person there; all they had to do was text him with their email address. The following day, each person got an email requesting shipping, sizing and style information; a free pair was also sent to a child in Argentina. Those who gave an email address to Mycoskie's company will be reminded of TOMS and its brand story every time they wear their shoes, and they'll know their choice put shoes on someone else's feet, too.
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  1. Dan Stellmon from Fisher Communications, January 22, 2009 at 11:34 a.m.

    Two weeks ago my 19 year old "Cornhusker" son bought a pair of TOMS shoes. He sold me on the idea of giving him the money for these shoes by telling me the TOMS story. I liked it. He loves the shoes, he "feels good" wearing them, I feel good about paying for them, we'll likely buy more. A marketing "home run".

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