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Paul Bowlin

Member since January 2001Contact Paul

  • VP, Regional Ad Sales SpotXchange LLC
  • 4 Marc Lane
  • Westport Connecticut
  • 06880 USA

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  • Working With Video Ad Networks in Video Insider on 06/16/2010

    Targeted pre-roll ads are now the norm when working with the video ad networks. The majority of buyers still use CTR as their primary success metric, and they can now buy specific demographics/psychographics at the impression level to maximize that CTR.

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  • The Time For Video RTB Is Now by Dan Mosher (Video Insider on 08/07/2012)

    Brand safety is definitely a priority that continues to be addressed for video rtb. With the hundreds of millions of daily ad calls coming into SpotXchange' real time marketplace, the tools are in place to determine ad placement(user initiated versus auto initiated) and the content that is on the page behind the player. Determining what the video content is within the video player is something that we as an industry are working with 3rd party companies to nail down. It is not full proof yet but is heading in that direction. With Video RTB providing 100% site level transparency and audience targeting for each impression, the year end results will show that video is on the same path as display rtb as far as adoption by the buyside.

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