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Ronnie Lavi

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  • Associate VP, Product Marketing DG MediaMind
  • New York New York
  • 10016 USA

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  • Why Completion Rate Is Only Half The Battle In Video Advertising in Video Insider on 06/02/2014

    The dominant metric in digital video is the almighty completion rate. If the viewer watched my 30 second ad to completion, the brand message and impact was made, right? Well, yes, assuming that the viewer did in fact watch it. But this is an old issue, one that also appears with regular TV. Did the viewer get up and use the restroom or go to the kitchen? Just because an ad was broadcast on the screen doesn't mean a viewer actually saw or heard it. In digital, there are even more ways to miss or avoid the ads, like clicking on another tab or scrolling down the page. And if you throw in the added curve ball of digital fraud and viewability issues, you won't even know if a viewer was there in the first place. Like the proverbial tree that falls in the forest, your ad can register 100% completion -- but does it mean anything if nobody was around to see it?

  • Video Convergence Is Here: Adapt Or Face Extinction in Video Insider on 05/01/2013

    The segregation of TV and digital is deeply engrained in advertising culture, resulting in separate and often competing silos. The common view has been that video is an either/or proposition: TV vs. online, with the two camps vying for advertiser budgets and attention. The unhealthy result is inefficiency, requiring higher budgets and more effort to engage fewer people. Advertisers, however, are ready to move on

  • 10 Ways To Better Use In-Stream Advertising  in Video Insider on 02/09/2010

    n 2009 the IAB led the charge to develop standards and infrastructure to coax adoption and growth in the in-stream advertising space. Expect this standardization to find traction in 2010 and drive widespread industry adoption across all players on the digital field, including publishers, advertisers and agencies. Here are ways to take advantage of in-stream in advertising now....

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